A Brief Introduction to Who I Am & Why I Created This Community

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Hi, I’m James. As I write this, I’m 25, and after 9 years of doctors appointments, consultations and self help techniques, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Effective Disorder, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and Impulse Control Disorder. By chance, in November 2016 whilst in a manic episode, I was detained under section 2 of the Mental Health Act, in an acute hospital ward, where I remained detained for 13 days.

Bipolarandpersonality.com is a blog for information & support for patient sufferers, in addition to their family & friends in all aspects of mental health, in particular Bipolar & Emotionally Unstable/Borderline Personality disorders. Hopefully, as time goes by, we can expand further. I’m hopeful that in the future, we can also develop a forum, in addition to the social channels I have already setup via Facebook and Twitter.

I hope that together, we can provide help, support & build awareness for sufferers, be that in the form of the patient, or their family and friends. You can always stay up to date with the latest content, tips & advice by signing up to the Bipolar & Personality newsletter, it’s free;¬†

Thanks for stopping by, and, if you’d support the cause by liking bookmarking this page and following me via the social channels linked above, or joining the Facebook discussion group,¬†that would get us off to a fantastic start. I’d also be happy to take any questions, or contributions of any kind.

I hope to see a lot of you around,
James Papworth

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